1 Pomorska Brygada Logistyczna

The 1st Logistic Brigade was created in January 2004.

In June 2004 the banner was given to brigade by the local authorities and after 6 months of the formation process unit achieved combat readiness.

To commemorate this moment the BRIGADE’S DAY is celebrated on the 30TH JUNE.

Brigade‘s subordinated units - battalions :

•    HQs battalion
•    3 x logistic battalions
•    1 x recovery battalion
•    1 x storage battalion
•    4 x maintenance battalions

Today, all of the dependent units of the brigade have their own banners and bear names of the patron regions, that donated them distinguished designation „the soil of… ”. That  make them close to local authorities and population.

Brigade has two symbols:

THE BADGE with orange maltan cross and silver sword crossed with an ear of wheat. We wear it on the front pocket of our parade uniform.

THE BADGE with big number „ONE” that we wear on our sleeves, parade and combat uniforms.

OUR MOTTO saying that „Logistics sets off first and comes back as the last one” is written on the commemorative wall made of bricks, situated in the unit, in front of the main gate of the brigade's barracks.

THE PATRON OF OUR BRIGADE IS KING CASIMIR III THE GREAT. He was the last king of the Piast dynasty. it was the first dynasty that ruled polish nation in the 14th Century. his importance for Bydgoszcz comes from the municipal rights he granted to the city in the 14th Century. He is known as a king who found Poland made of wood and left it made of stone.

1st LOG BDE was established to provide logistic support (all classes of supply  and services such as transportation, distribution, evacuation, accomodation, maintenance, recovery) to:

- designated operational units and Hqs;
- national operational troops and polish military contingents abroad;
- non-military structures in the emergency response;
- participate in the emergency response after natural and technical disaster.

Missions carried out:

Since 03.01.2004, it means from the time of creation of the
1st Pomeranian Logistic Brigade, over 2500 soldiers have served in different stabilization missions abroad.

So far we have sent our troops to:

-     Iraq (Iraqi Freedom)
-     Afghanistan (ISAF)
-     Lebanon (UNIFIL – United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon)
-     Syria (UNDOF – United Nations Disengagement Observer Forces)
-     Chad (EUFOR)
-     Kosowo (KFOR – Kosovo Force)
-     Bosnia and Hercegowina
-     Kongo
-     Republic of Mali (EUTM)
-     Central African Republic (EUFOR)



1 Pomorska  Brygada Logistyczna
Powstańców  Warszawy Street 2

FAX:         +48 261 411 234


Capt Natalia Delińska

Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej
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